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Frequently Asked Roofing Questions For Chicago Residents

Need an answer, have a question?

    • Will my insurance premium go up? Or worse, will they drop me?

A: Because hail storms are considered a natural event that is beyond your control, IT IS AGAINST STATE LAW FOR YOUR INSURANCE CARRIER TO INCREASE YOUR PREMIUMS OR DROP YOU BECAUSE OF A HAIL CLAIM!

    • Is this an insurance scam?

A: No. You have been paying your insurance for years and are entitled for replacement damage to your home regardless of age or prior condition. A storm like the one that affected your area is very rare and has forced most insurance companies to send Catastrophe Action Teams (CAT) to the area to take care of the overwhelming number of claims. They are obligated to cover your loss at a fair market value.

    • Should I call my agent?

A: No. Most of the insurance companies have sent CAT teams to handle the large amount of claims. the CAT teams are paid differently and are a lot easier to deal with than the local claims adjusters. Your chances of an approval increase greatly when dealing with the corporate office and CAT teams.

    • How much damage do I need to file a claim?

A: We are familiar with the parameters that insurance use to approve a claim. We will do a thorough inspection and will show you the results of our inspection. Since we will be meeting the insurance company for the adjuster meeting, we would be wasting our time, as well as yours, if we didn’t feel that you are going to get approved.

    • Why do I need your company to assist in filing a claim?

A: We require that all our hail damage employees take an extensive one-year class and become certified forensics hail damage experts. This will enable them to determine actual hail damage from normal wear and tear.

    • How can you provide this service to me for free? What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch! We make money when a job is approved. Then we ask you to put a sign in your yard to let the neighborhood know that we had an approval. Then we send our door to door guys back through your neighborhood to get more jobs.