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The exterior of your home is extremely important to the overall quality of your home – It affects the curb appeal, value and efficiency of your home. That’s why it’s just as important that we make sure your siding and gutters are in as good of condition as your roof.


  • Stay dry – Gutters will channel the elements away from your exterior siding, porches, basement, foundation and YOU
  • Stay neat – Gutters and siding maintenance will prevent mold, dirt, rot and erosion from diminishing the quality of your home


The siding on your home can be damaged just like your roof, from storm factors like hail and wind. Damage to the siding and exterior of your home can decrease the overall value and look of your home and eventually affect the interior of your home with leaks and cracks. Deteriorated siding allows the elements to slowly cause damage to the foundation, structure and interior of your home as well as the exterior.


Gutters carry an important role in maintaining the value and structure of your home. If your gutters aren’t properly maintained or repaired, they will start to leak which can put immense stress on your home’s foundations and other areas, including the interior. Gutters are designed to prevent water from flowing off the roof and over entrances to the home and porch. The main idea behind gutters is to keeping water away from wood and funnel it away from the foundation and structure of the home. If the gutters are damaged or not installed correctly, water will eventually damage the walls creating mold, cracks and even leaking.