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It can be incredibly expensive to find a new home in the Chicago area, but it looks like more and more people are finding the perfect starter home.

Townhouses are less expensive because they take up less land than stand-alone homes, and you can often still find them with some backyard space.

If you’re considering moving into a new townhouse, be sure to get the roof inspected by a qualified and professional Chicago roofing company. Our team at NRC is more than prepared to make sure you move into a home with a safe roof.’s Old Is New Again: Why Townhouses Are the New ‘It’ Homes |®

Recent waves of outside-the-box ideas in housing have brought us teeny-weeny homes, converted shipping containers, prefab modern palaces, and co-housing apartments with luxe perks for millennials.

But the latest “it” homes with builders and buyers have actually been around since the 19th century.

Townhouses, those classic rows of attached single-family homes that are a fixture in American cities and suburbs alike, got a second wind in the 1960s. That’s due to folks scooping up these existing, and often inexpensive, older abodes as they moved back into the big cities. And now the lovechild of a condominium and standalone house is back again and hotter than ever with both buyers and builders.