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Roof damage, roof repair, or roof restoration are probably not something that immediately comes to mind when you’re choosing property to run and operate your business from; in fact, roof replacement or repair are probably something that most people don’t think of until it’s too late and the damage has already occurred.

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If your commercial property’s roof has been damaged by hail or wind during a storm, tornado, or other natural disaster, or if it is just time for it to be updated, then you’ll need commercial roofing replacement services – and our commercial roofing contractors are ready to help, beginning with a complete inspection of your property and roof in order to provide a detailed estimate of the costs for the necessary materials and labor that you can supply to your insurance company.

Our Commercial Roofing Contractor Process

You and your employees will want to prep the areas near your roof and surrounding outdoor spaces before the roofers bring in their materials and equipment.

This includes things like clearing out any areas on the higher floors or near the roof, along with removing any vehicles or equipment located on the outside.

You will also want to move any vital machinery, tools, or electronics out of the space, along with any product or valuable items in order to protect them from any debris, dust, or other materials being used to repair or rebuild your roof.

Depending on your building business, you may want to arrange for employees to work off-site or close for a few days.

The materials and other supplies for your new roof will most likely be delivered two days or so before the team begins the project.

They will clean as they go, including things like raking the lawn or garden areas (if applicable) to find any debris that could be a potential future hazard.

Your building (or buildings) will look like the roofing crew was never there in the first place, except for now you have an impeccable roof!

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Your satisfaction is the first priority, so the job isn’t finished until the team performs a thorough walk-through of your new or updated roof and any steps you may need to protect it or repair it, along with any information you may require in case it is damaged.

Finally, the roofing team will finish the job with a thorough walk-through of your new roof and any steps you may need to take in order to care for it or repair it, along with addressing any concerns that you may have and to help prevent any future problems with your new roof.

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