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Residential Roofing Services

Your home is as important to us as it is to you

We understand that your home is your most valuable asset, which makes it our most valuable asset, too. Whether it’s a new roof, a repair or replacement, our certified team thoroughly inspects all residential projects and customizes a solution as unique as your home, to restore your roof and exterior to its proper condition. No job is too small or too big for us.

At Neighborhood Restoration Specialists (NRC), helping homeowners is what we do.

The NRC Process

Having your roof serviced can be a large undertaking, but we’d like you to be as comfortable with the process as possible.

Here’s what to expect from NRC’s roofing services:

  • Inspection

    Your claims and damage specialist performs a complete, detailed inspection of your roof. An accurate report of the damage will be provided, as well as the estimated repair costs.

    We work with your insurance company every step of the way to guarantee you receive what you’re entitled to for your new roof.

  • Preparation

    You’ll need to make sure that all valuable items in your attic are covered, as debris and sawdust will fall from underneath your roof while we’re on it. Also remove vulnerable wall hangings and protect your ceiling fixtures to protect them from the vibrations.

  • Mark any underground sprinkler heads, to ensure they aren’t covered.

    Cover your outdoor furniture, including fire pits, barbeque equipment, etc.

    Materials will be delivered approximately 2 days before the job begins. Clear your driveway of vehicles so that materials may be delivered and unloaded easily. We will make sure you can still access your vehicles, trash cans, etc., by placing the material in an out-of-the-way location.

  • Installation

    Once everything is prepped and delivered, we will begin installation.

    It’s recommended that you have at least one person home while we’re working. However, if you need to leave, we will continue working to stay on schedule.

    For safety purposes, please keep all children and pets indoors during installation.

    See Roofing Color Options

  • Cleanup

    Although we clean as we go, once the job is completed, we will rake your property and scan for debris with a nail magnet. We will also assist in returning any furniture that was moved for installation.

    Our goal for cleanup is to make is though we were never there–except, of course, for your incredible new roof.

  • Final Walk-through

    We will do a full walk-through inspection with the you after every job to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work that’s been done.

    We want to take care of any issues then and there in order to prevent any major concerns later.

Siding & Gutters

Your Exterior Is The First Line Of Defense

The exterior of your home is extremely important to the overall quality of your home – It affects the curb appeal, value and efficiency of your home. That’s why it’s just as important that we make sure your siding and gutters are in as good of condition as your roof.

Benefits of Siding/Gutters Maintenance

Stay dry – Gutters will channel the elements away from your exterior siding, porches, basement, foundation and YOU Stay neat – Gutters and siding maintenance will prevent mold, dirt, rot and erosion from diminishing the quality of your home


The siding on your home can be damaged just like your roof, from storm factors like hail and wind.

Damage to the siding and exterior of your home can decrease the overall value and look of your home and eventually affect the interior of your home with leaks and cracks.

Siding allows the elements to slowly cause damage to the foundation, structure and interior of your home as well as the exterior.


Gutters carry an important role in maintaining the value and structure of your home. If your gutters aren’t properly maintained or repaired, they will start to leak which can put immense stress on your home’s foundations and other areas, including the interior.

Gutters are designed to prevent water from flowing off the roof and over entrances to the home and porch. The main idea behind gutters is to keeping water away from wood and funnel it away from the foundation and structure of the home. If the gutters are damaged or not installed correctly, water will eventually damage the walls creating mold, cracks and even leaking.

Restoring roofs, siding & gutters is our specialty

Our team members have been specially trained and certified to assist our customers with damage from hail, high winds or other types of storm damage. NRC is an industry leader amongst residential roofing companies in the Chicago area and surrounding neighborhoods.