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 P Patel 1 month ago

Clean work. Professionals. Great service. This is how I feel about this company. My house looks completely different. The roofers did am amazing job. The clean up was great, no mess left behind. I can’t wait for them to do my moms house next. This has been a good experience and I recommend others to give them a call.

 Robert M 1 month ago

I have had a good experience with NRC and my Public Adjuster Jeremy. I couldn’t be happier with the way my house came out. The roofers worked so hard to finish my house in one day. I now have them working on my other property. I have send Jeremy quite a few referrals. I highly recommend this company

 Cynthia O 1 month ago

Enrique & Marcos from NAI got me approved for my Roofs & Siding!!! I was so happy because I didn’t have to pay one dime, like I was told from the beginning.

Now when I signed the paperwork to have my work done, everyday after after I was concerned about how the work will be done, and especially the clean up. Well not too long after signing the paperwork I was scheduled and had the crews come out. They did a Marvelous job. Very Professional, Quick & Efficient. My house looks very Beautiful. I don’t go out much but if I do, I’m afraid I’m going to pass it up because it looks so different & new!

I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to work with this company & NAI. Everyone I have dealt with has been very nice and easygoing. I will definitely recommend these companies and especially Enrique!

 Nam N 1 month ago

I am very satisfied with my decision to trust NRC Restoration and Project Manager, Jonathan Nguyen, with the repair of my commercial steel building. The work was completed professionally and in a timely manner without my having to worry about the process. They took care of everything. Thank you NRC.

 Lamat O 2 months ago

This company was very professional, from the office staff to the roofing crew. Marcos answered all my questions. Any time I called he was available and very patience and professional. Crew showed up on time. Very professional. Listened to my concerns, addressed my questions. Roof looks beautiful. Cleaned up after the job was complete. Would definitely recommend.

 Rita S 3 months ago

My roof was done on a Saturday which was surprising because we didnt think that the crew would work on a weekend. However I’m glad they did because my husband and I came home from a trip and the roof was done. We left Friday and came back Sunday & when we seen the roof, we were very pleased. It looks great! Im glad Mark M. was able to help us out with this. We couldn’t be any happier having someone else do all the work for us.

 Momma M 3 months ago

I have one of the biggest homes on my block. When NRC came in to do my roof and siding, it went to fast. I expected to find damage to my grass or my flower beds. Nothing. It was unbelievable how hard and professional these young men worked. The service has been great. I am one of those people that need to be involved every step of the way and it was nice too see everyone being very understanding with that. I would use them all over again if I could. I have give a few people NRC’s number since. I recommend this company.

 Jeffie J 3 months ago

The roofers worked really hard on my house. I was impressed with the professionalism. The lead guy even boarded up my flowers and we’re extra careful with my lawn. They even uses a lawn blower afterwords and did a awesome clean up. I highly recommend this company to others

 Michelle L 3 months ago

I had 2 restoration companies in mind to do my roof. The reason I decided to do business with NRC is because of the reviews I read online and also the warranty that they provide. Everything has been handled by NRC and I must say it’s been easy on my part. I am very happy with the way the roof turned out and I have sent 2 of my friends to them

 Christina Z 3 months ago

NRC did my roof and gutters on my house. Prior to them coming I had a horrible leak in 2 areas of my roof that was caused by the Rockford storm last year. I have honestly never seen someone work as hard as I seen the contractors on my roof. The amount of ripping everything off and disposing of it, then adding everything new and it being so hot out. It looks absolutely beautiful and no more leaks. Very happy with this company. Great service I just say.

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“NRC replaced our church roof after it was damaged by winds. It took forever for the insurance to agree to cover the damage, but after arbitration, the adjusters prevailed. Within 2 weeks, the entire roof was replaced. Work was exceptional and the crew was in and out in 2 days. NRC gets our highest recommendation.”

Grant I

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